Trident Trackway products are highly suited for us on grass, sand, paved and unfinished surfaces.

Single tiles can be connected to create larger surface areas quickly, enabling the construction of temporary roadways, staging areas, storage pads, pedestrian walkways; and for the movement of large vehicles and machinery over surfaces which require ground stabilization or protection.

Heavy duty truck access road


TridentHD was used to protect the finished surfaces on this site from vehicles movements during the final phases of construction.

The finished surfaces consisted of high quality tiling and paving.

A 1.6mm geotextile layer was used on top of the paving to catch any hydrocarbons which might also stain the finished surface.

Delivery trucks, trailers, sewage tankers, cranes buses, emergency services, and passenger vehicles.

Translucent trackway for grass


We have now developed a translucent version of the TridentHD - TridentHD GRASS.

TridentHD GRASS will allow sunlight to penetrate to the grass and due to the 5cm air gap under the tiles, the grass will continue to grow whilst the flooring is in use.

A 1.6mm geotextile layer is used on top of the grass to catch any hydrocarbons which might also stain the finished surface and to reduce the tile imprint on the grass surface.

Boom loaders, forklifts and cranes.

Crane access trackway


TridentHD is ideal for use as a concrete grade surface in remote and unprepared construction and maintenance sites.

An impermeable HDPE liner may be used under TridentHD in order to prevent large scale spills into the environment.

Crumbed rubber protection


TridentHD was used to protect crumbed rubber footpaths from tracked construction and maintenance vehicles.

Desert vehicle maintenance pad with jack Abu Dhabi UAE


Build your temporary workshop on any surface with TridentHD and then pick it up and take it with you!

Access ramp


TridentHD is provided with wheelchair friendly, vehicle grade, access ramps.