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Liwa Desert Festival

Al Dhafra, UAE
Set in the Majestic Liwa Oasis. TridentHD deployed front of house main stage area for a solid walking and driving surface for pedestrians, tables and chairs and show vehicles. Also used under equipment and fairground rides for a stable base on top of the sand.

Neom Beach Games 2022

Neom, KSA
The entire sports village was built from scratch. TridentHD was used as temporary roads for the build up and take down phases over sand. It was also used for walkways and driveways for front and back of house services for buggies, trucks, food and laundry services for smooth uniform system including dust control.

Royal Wedding Qatar

Doha, Qatar
TridentHD was used to build an access road over grass and finished paving areas to assemble and disassemble tent structures and lighting systems. TridentHD proved to be very useful to go into difficult areas due to the nature of the puzzle like system.

National Day Celebrations

Hatta, UAE
Set in the rehearsal village for walkways in between structures for a clean, smooth and tidy uniform surface for pedestrians, goods and vehicles to access the site easily. Also used to control dust and have an easy to clean surface on top of the sand areas. The client wanted the performers and crew to have a nice clean and dust free working environment.

Noor Light Festival Riyadh

Riyadh, KSA
TridentHD was used as a surface protection over the finished areas for vehicles, equipment and rigging systems to be installed to ensure no damage was done to the clients property during the buildup, main event and derigging.

Maritime Heritage Festival

Qasr Al Hosn, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Qasr Al Hosn is a heritage site set in the heart of Abu Dhabi and as a result the site owners were very sensitive to any heavy vehicles for fear of damaging the area. TridentHD was used to provide surface protection and temporary access roadways to the site for the event build up and take down as well as heavy laydown areas, back of house walkways and driveways for service vehicles, buggies, trolleys and staff throughout the event.

Alula Symphony under the stars

Alula, KSA
Set in the majestic Arch Rock a protected natural archeological site. TridentHD was used on the sand as temporary access roadways during the event build up, during the event as back of house logistics walkways and roadways for the event derig. TridentHD was used on sand as raised walkways for the artist and performers tent areas to provide a smooth, clean and connected walking network.

FEI Endurance World Championships Closing Ceremony

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Set in the opulent and beautiful gardens of the Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental. TridentHD was used on grass with a geotextile to minimize damage and rutting and provide temporary access roads to the build up and derig of the event as well as back of house service routes for vehicles, buggies and trolleys for the catering on another level.

Dakar Rally VIP Majlis

Riyadh, KSA
TridentHD was used as part of a Dakar client activation in the desert to create hard standing areas for vehicle display zone in VIP Majlis and used for raised walkways over the sand for VIP clients. TridentHD was also used to provide transport vehicle temporary access roads over the sand to avoid any accidents.

Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge

Al Qudra, UAE
TridentHD was used for the entire scrutineering set up to allow vehicles to drive in on a circuit, be parked into allocated parking spots and checked for compliance and then leave the area. TridentHD was used as a temporary roadway and parking areas for a smooth clean surface with easy ramps on and off the area and to prevent any fuel or oil leakages onto the ground during inspections.

Alula Camel Cup

Alula, KSA
TridentHD was used on desert sand to provide temporary site access for trucks and heavy equipment during the event build up and used during the event for the performers accommodation areas for walkways to create a smooth seamless finish.

Mother of the Nation Festival

Abu Dhabi, UAE
Set on a blue flag beach, TridentHD was used on sand for the whole site temporary access roads for build up and back of house logistics during the event for heavy duty service trucks. TridentHD was also used for raised walkways and underneath go kart tracks for a solid base on sand.

Titan Mountain Bike Race

Neom, KSA
TridentHD was used for temporary access routes in the sand for the site build up to assist delivery trucks and equipment. It was also used during the event for bike hard standing areas for washing down of the bikes each day. The versatility of TridentHD meant it was used both in build up and front of house.

HSBC Abu Dhabi Golf Championship

Abu Dhabi, UAE
TridentHD was used on grass as temporary access routes for heavy duty equipment and cranes during the event build up and derigging. TridentHD combined with a geotextile was used to minimize any damage to the manicured grass and to stop any spills from the construction vehicles.

WQC Qatar Event

Doha, Qatar
TridentHD was used as a surface protection on finished hard surfaces to allow access to trucks and cranes during the event build up and derig. TridentHD was also used as back of house service routes for equipment and personnel during the event.

National Day Concert Louvre

Abu Dhabi, UAE
Set in the stunning grounds of the Louvre, TridentHD was used during the concert and stage build up phase on grass to allow heavy duty vehicle access for stage building to protect the grass. TridentHD was also used throughout the concert in front for the stage area for camera and sound system movements for a smooth uniform surface during the event.

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