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Our Services

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Panels lock together without the need for tools

Trackway & Surface Protection

Made from recycled plastic, perfect for Sand, Grass, Stadiums and hard surface applications.

Cable channel with ramps yellow yellow (1)

Cable Channels & Ramps

Our cable channels and ramps seamlessly integrate with our Trackway or use independently for a smooth clean finish.

Raised walk way

Walkways & Deck Areas

Modular sections made from 100% recycled plastic and fiber materials for a long lasting wood replacement. Connect them up for the desired layout.

Floating Pontoon event sports competition rental UAE KSA

Floating Pontoons & Docks

Modular floating pontoon sections can be connected together to create floating platforms and docks.

sustainable ecofriendly picnic bench for rent for events in Dubai, Saudi Arabia

Furniture & FM accessories

Furniture made from 100% recycled plastic and fiber materials such as Picnic benches and picket fences.

Umbrella, Cushions & Beanbags

Beautiful colors and patterns to brighten up your event space and give it a distinctive, memorable finish.

Fencing & Crowd Barriers

Made locally from recycled plastic and fiber material, perfect for a sustainable alternative to wood fencing and metal barriers.

off grid cabin example

Off Grid Cabins

(Coming Soon) Using our 100% recycled material combined with Solar and Battery systems we have developed Off Grid cabins.

Raised walk way

Customized Products

Using our 100% recycled material we can create custom products like recycling bins, planting boxes, pallets etc... you tell us!

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