What does it mean to us?

Our decisions are based on their sustainability merits

Sustainability is not an after thought for us. Every product and service decision we make is based around whether it is something sustainable for our industry or clients. When considering new ideas/solutions we ask ourselves some important questions:

Can we make it locally in the region we are delivering the service? 

Can the product be made from locally available recycled materials? 

Can we recycle the product at the end of its service life? 

Can we make a robust product that can be used over and over?

If we have to buy products outside our manufacturing ability, is the quality good enough to last for a long time in our climate and are they made from recycled materials where possible?

Partnering for Environmental Causes

Tree Planting

At the end of each year, for every project and on behalf of our valuable clients, we fund and plant trees locally in the UAE together with our impact partner Goumbook.


Tons of plastics recycle into products so far and counting...


Ghaf Trees planted in UAE on behalf of our clients so far and counting...


Projects successfully undertaken and counting...


Fantastic customers serviced and counting...

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